When and Where

When and Where

Worship on Sunday is offered at 8:40 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. in the stain-glass cathedral style sanctuary with pipe organ. Parking is located immediately adjacent to the sanctuary on the street, as well as across the street in the south parking lot and also on the west side of the building. Worship on Monday, called Monday Vespers, offered at 5:15 p.m. in the chapel, located on the west side of the building, ground floor.

The church is located at 220 South Webster in Norman, two blocks south of Main Street and bounded by University Blvd. on the west and Webster Street on the east. The church is only two blocks west of the center of the downtown area.

Access to the church when coming from the west would be on Main Street; access to the church when coming from the east would be on Gray Street to University Blvd. or Eufaula Street off of Porter.

Parking at First Christian Church

Two paved parking lots provide the majority of parking for those attending activities at First Christian Church. A large lot is located on the south side of the church, bordered to the east by S. Webster with W. Eufaula St. running the length of the lot, and S. University is located just past the west end of the marked lot. A second lot is located on the west side of the church with entrances from either S. University St. or W. Eufaula. Additional space is located street-side on S. Webster as well as W. Eufaula, with parking for those needing assistance located in the circle drive off W. Eufaula.